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Firwood Manor Reviews

Firwood Manor Reviews

Our parents love the learning environment here. Why don't you book a visit to see what we can do for your children. Our pupils are well above the national average, so give your child the perfect start to their educational life.



Oustanding Progress

"Since Rhory started at Firwood Manor, the advances he has made have been outstanding, and in a nutshell, more than we could have hoped for in such a short period of time.

"Moving Rhory from his old school where he was well established with a strong friendship network was a difficult one, especially as he would be joining a class of students who had been together for a number of years. However, he was been made to feel welcome by everyone and it now seems as if he has always been there.

"The main reason for the note is just to thank you and all your team for the effort, support and encouragement that has helped Rhory make such massive improvements. He now has a new learning ethic and will willingly do his homework and read and for the first time ever, is keen and enthusiastic to do his best, get 10 out of 10 or do something that will earn him a credit. He knows his strengths and his weaknesses and is now working conscientiously in all areas.

"As a very confident boy it always saddened me to see that when it came down to basic tasks like reading a menu in a restaurant, his self-esteem would plummet. This is no longer the case as he now has all the tools, with support, to work things out for himself and whilst he still has a way to go on his reading, I am confident that in no time at all he will have caught up with his peers.

"I think it is safe to say that his time at Firwood has already been life changing for him."

Current parent, Julie, October 2017