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Challenge Accepted!


Today we started our Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award. in Prep 5. The children were very excited to be involved in this fantastic project.which will see them undertake challenges each week in school which promote leadership skills and encourage them how to lead and how to make changes happen. Today's focus was on what makes a good leader. The children completed a challenge requiring them to stack ten cups without touching the cups with their hands. I was so impressed with how well the children worked together to problem solve and both groups managed the challenge. They then decided on the top five qualities of a good leader. They felt that cooperation, communication, support, listening and strategy were the most important. They were asked to also think about a change they would like to see happen and I was very moved when they decided that they wanted everyone to have a loving family.
You will have seen that they have brought home a scrapbook tonight which they will use to evidence and record all the amazing things they will achieve throughout the award. They will be asked to chose a challenge to complete each week at home and need to fill in their personal record of what they have chosen to do. The challenges fall into four categories - home, environment, community and charity. The children can also think of their own challenges to complete. 

the children then completed their first challenge, which was to problem solve as a team!

If you would like to know more about the award, please contac the school office on 01616296570