Welcome to Our School

At Firwood Manor, we work to ensure the highest quality education for all our pupils. To discover and nurture each pupil’s unique talents, we foster a whole child approach to learning that encompasses intellectual, physical, social, moral and cultural development. As a result, Firwood Manor is a vibrant and happy school in which achievement of all kinds are celebrated.

Our school is built around traditional family values and, as such, our children develop discipline, respect and honesty throughout their time at the school.

Established in 2002, Firwood Manor benefits from bright and spacious classrooms, enhanced facilities and extensive grounds. This wonderful setting helps to nurture a love of learning that enables pupils to progress confidently to the next stage of their education.

I hope the information on this website gives you a good idea about our approach to education at Firwood Manor, and that you enjoy reading about this exceptional independent primary school. However, only by visiting will you learn just how special and different we are so I would encourage you to come and see us in person.

Mr Darren Robinson B.Ed (Hons)